The quickest way to grow your company is to develop and retain your Millennials.

What is it that separates businesses who continue to outperform others?
How do they continue to develop strong leadership teams, increase retention, and innovate at higher rates?
There are a lot of opinions about leadership out there, yet businesses are losing incredible talent at higher rates… costing millions and impeding progress.

Let's shed some light on this. Your business can scale, innovate, and significantly increase profit margins when leaders intentionally work the following three domains:
1️⃣Enhance culture
2️⃣Leverage human capital
3️⃣Empower teams and individuals

Helping people love their work while dominating the margins is what I love to do. But above all, watching companies grow because their people are flourishing is what flips my switches.

I know what it’s like to build things from the ground up, I did it first with myself. I was told I wouldn’t graduate high school. I was 360lbs, had a broken back, and was laughed at when I said I wanted to run a marathon. I was told I was in the wrong field to make a living. Fast forward 10 years and I've competed in over 30 ultra marathons and am now a successful Leadership Performance Coach. My first 6 figure business was right out of grad school, I'm host of a #1 podcast, and I've influenced and elevated thousands of people. I teach leaders limitations are nothing more than mindset, and that when one person feels empowered they can transform an entire business.  I'm the Founder of the 361 Leadership Program, where I cover leadership development and team scaling, and I'm creator of Healthy Perspectives Magazine.

Speaking and Consulting Topics

-Out with Annual Planning, In With Planning Cycles That Work 

-Be the Visionary 

Creating a Team that Maximizes Everyone’s Individual Skills: How to Get Your Team Hitting On All Cylinders

-Leading Leaders, The Process of Mobilizing Millennial Leaders & Upward Management

-Getting You Out of The Way: The Quickest Method to Adjust Your Mindset and Elevate Credibility 

-361 Leadership- From Employee Reviews to the Power of 1: How to Empower Everyone In Your Business and     Increase Retention, Loyalty, and Impactful Engagement 



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