Dr. Drew is a Leadership Performance Consultant, creator of Healthy Perspectives Magazine, and the Founder of the Leaders Ascending Program, where he teaches leadership development and team scaling.

Dr. Drew knows what it’s like to push against the wind. He was told he wouldn’t graduate high school. He was told he was in the wrong field to make a living. He was told he wouldn’t be able to run a marathon when he was 360 lbs and had a broken back. Fast forward 10 years and he has competed in over 30 ultra marathons. He developed his first six-figure business right out of grad school. He is the host of a #1 podcast, Healthy Made Easy.In his work as a coach and leadership consultant, he has influenced and elevated thousands of people by creating a mindset that demonstrates that limitations can be overcome and empowering them to transform their business through elemental and innovative thinking.   

He has been featured on ABC, Consulting Unleashed, Live Streaming Pros, Young and Successful Podcast, Max Muscle, and International Brainspotting.

Dr. Drew can be found playing in the mountains with his wife, four kids, and dog Ginger.


Speaking and Consulting Topics

-Out with Annual Planning, In With Planning Cycles That Work 

-Be the Visionary 

Creating a Team that Maximizes Everyone’s Individual Skills: How to Get Your Team Hitting On All Cylinders

-Leading Leaders, The Process of Mobilizing Millennial Leaders & Upward Management

-Getting You Out of The Way: The Quickest Method to Adjust Your Mindset and Elevate Credibility 

-361 Leadership- From Employee Reviews to the Power of 1: How to Empower Everyone In Your Business and Increase Retention, Loyalty, and Impactful Engagement 


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