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Let’s make this simple! I teach you how to sustain good health, weight loss, and high energy through Mental Physio Conditioning (MPC). I created the idea of MPC over a 10 year process of helping thousands of people lose weight and keep it off! I combine the art and science of boosting your Mental and Physiological performance so you can maintain your health desires. My job is to make it simple. Most people come to me after trying 8 or more diets, programs, and other forms of advice. I love to make it as simple and individualized as possible so you can do it all without crash dieting, crazy exercise schedules, and so on.

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Through his years of working with individual clients in his private practice, Dr Drew has created and perfected a list of online courses that empower people to become their own best health provider. These course (Weight Loss and Beyond, Restorative Sleep, Complete Body Awareness, Conquer Night Eating, and Habit Reversal) along with his Facebook groups and Healthy Made Easy Podcast have made people exclaim, “Wow, I really am limitless!”
“Dr Drew proves that no one knows you better than you and that diets and programs will fail you, but you can rise above that. You inherently have everything you need to succeed, you just need to unlock it
“It is so confusing to know what healthy eating is because there are so many conflicting views from supposed experts. In order to even listen to Dr. Drew, I had to overcome several deeply imbedded beliefs about weight loss and healthy eating. I was gaining and gaining and thinking I was doing everything right. I’m struggling to get back on track, but just following two pieces of advice from Dr. Drew I lost 30 pounds. This happened despite my disbelief that these things would make any difference. It really works, it’s amazing!” Yvonne Hudec-Brown

Healthy Made Easy Client

I did it! I was offered the opportunity to go swim with the sharks, but I wanted to be in a better physical and mental spot so I could enjoy. Dr. Drew helped me overcome my fears and meet my health goals to accomplish my dream. Without doing the Healthy Made Easy work I couldn’t have done this! I was able to do the unthinkable. Dr. Drew always believed in me and helped me begin to believe in myself. He goes way beyond weight loss! Haley Anderson

Health Made Easy Client

Drew is the expert I recommend  in the field of Weight Loss. I endorse his method! David Grand, PhD

Developer of Brainspotting, Featured on ESPN 30:30, ESPN Episode

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