#14: Rod Hutchins Part 2- From Death Bed to Iron Man!

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This is the continuation of last week’s episode: Rod Hutchins Part 1 – From Death Bed to Iron Man. Dr. Drew has been speaking with and we’ve all been learning about Rod, survivor and Iron man finisher! 

In last week’s episode we learned more about the beginnings for Rod, when he had a period of time of paralysis due to a form of polio, and from there all that he went through with his illnesses. We then learned about his goals and what he needed to do to achieve them. It could've been hospice or Iron Man, and he chose the Iron Man!

As Rod was in the process of being cleared by his doctors so that he could start training he found out he had a hernia. His first surgery didn't go so good. Shortly thereafter he ended up with a torn groin in an industrial work accident. At that time he ended up having a second surgery. It was botched. He had an impeded nerve and even though they took out the nerve he still was in severe pain. He was put in the ICU for 14 days and the virus was coming back, most likely due to all of the surgeries and medications he was on. Because of all of this going on, he was not able to strengthen himself and so paralyzation started coming on again. 

Many problems started to arise outside of possible death, once again. Money problems, relationship problems, and possible divorce. Then came the unknown overdose on pain medications from the doctor. At this point, he decided to move up to Idaho with his family. He had an episode where he collapsed, breaking four toes and his left leg. He also had two discs in his back and a hip deteriorating. He shouldn't have even been walking!  He was ready to die!

Through mental toughness, nine surgeries in nine months, and two years of physical therapy, he was at last ready to go! He had to find the right team to help him. Professionals that are competent, that would help him reach his goals. Coaches, Trainers and doctors… Those that are decision-makers, leaders. Rod would ask each of them if they were enough to help him mentally and physically prepare for the Iron Man. And they are enough. He now has what he calls the “Iron Man Dream Team” 

Rod left us with a few things to remember. First of all, just because you make the choice to get better, to do better, to live, doesn't mean it's going to be flowers every single day, you might be eating dirt and pavement, literally, some days! “So keep going!”, he tells us. “When you fall down you literally get a different perspective every time, even if it is in the same spot on the same journey, the perspective is different, however you can learn the same lesson.” Rod teaches us to focus on possibilities – teaching us to ask ourselves  “how am I going to get over or around this?” His last words of wisdom are that it's not an option to fail, to stop, or to quit! He says, “you can do it – you just have to decide!” 

It was an absolute honor and joy to have Rod Hutchins join the show in these last two episodes! We all can learn so much from his journey.


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