#17 Rod Hutchins: Training When it's Not Convenient

And he’s back!!! Rod Hutchins is back here with us and so is his personal trainer, Mike “the Trainer” Taylor,
who we’ve had on the show before as well, so he’s back too! In this episode, we get an inside look at what it’s
like for athlete and trainer and their working relationship. So if you have ever wondered how it all looks and
what goes on with a trainer and his athlete, this is one to listen to!
In episodes 13 and 14 (DrDrewBrazier.com/13 & DrDrewBrazier.com/14) , we listened to the incredible and inspiring life story of Rod. He went from his death bedto training for the Iron Man. And it’s all because of one choice. He chose to live life and achieve a goal bigger
than the challenge he was facing in that moment. In the next 24 hours, after finding out the devastating news
that he may not live due to his illnesses, he made 70 goals. One of them being the Iron Man.
Now fast forward to today. We dive a little deeper in this episode into the training aspects for Rod and listen
to what his trainer, Mike Taylor has to say about it all. They were introduced by a friend and colleague trainer
of Mike’s at the local gym where Mike works and Rod attends. From the get-go Mike understood where Rod
was at and what needed to be done to get him prepared to meet his goals. When asked what Rod was looking
for in a personal trainer to help him, and he feels this applies to everyone, he said, “1. Clarity. Be clear with the
trainer of what it is that you want to accomplish. And 2. Reach out to those in the community who will help
you be your best. Go to several places if you need to. But find the right fit by knowing that the trainer has your
best interest in mind.”
To the question, “How do you find the fine line of pushing hard to reach goals and pushing too much?”, Mike
responded, “You have to understand the physiology combined with the psychology of your client. The brain is
a powerful tool! I have to know when the body is saying no and when the brain is saying no. And then I have
to have trust in my client, just as my client has to trust me. I know Rod likes to soar, so I will let him soar.”
Rod and Mike go on to talk about their training routine and how they started out with little steps and build
upon blocks. Mike speaks about Rod setting PR’s weekly and accomplishing workouts every day! Rod explains
how this is a rebirth for him and tells us how he is accountable every day for what he does in this process. He
is also accountable to Mike, reporting to him daily about his workouts.
Mike said, “It is human nature to see how far we can go.” He further tells us that Rod is a finisher and that it is
never too late to start. For Rod that is so true. “Either you rise to your greatness or you succumb to your
mediocracy,” Rod tells us. He says that it is a blessing to be able to do these exercises and to have such a great
trainer to help him in the process. He won’t give up and he won’t stop fighting!
The last question asked for both Rod and Mike to comment on was, “What is the hardest obstacle to
overcome and what is the solution?” Rod answered by saying that he doesn’t see obstacles but rather sees
opportunities to live up to. Mike felt that just getting up and showing up is the biggest obstacle he sees in any
training regimen. He tells us that if we go to our support system and ask to be accountable to them, that will
help us tremendously at meeting our goals.
The last piece of advice these men want to leave us with are:
Rod – “Today is the present – live it with passion!”
Mike – “Live your dreams! Get after it one day at a time!”

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