#26 (Part 3 – Iron Dream Team Series): Joe Matheson

“You have tohave the right pieces to the puzzle.”

Tri-athlete Joe Matheson is here with Dr. Drew and Rod Hutchins to talk about his role on the Iron
Dream Team. Joe tells us about his background and how he started out as a competitive runner, and
collegiate athlete at the University of Washington. He suffered an injury that halted him. To recover, he
began biking and swimming. After some time of recovery, a friend noticed him and challenged him to a
triathlon. He signed up for his first sprint tri and then it turned into another and another. To now where
he competes in all lengths of the triathlon.
Rod and Joe met each other at the local tri group, “Anyone Can Tri” at their weekly training sessions. Joe
listened to Rod tell his story and Rod loves Joe’s passion for the sport. With the passion they both share,
they also enjoy learning from each other.
Through sharing his story, Rod has given Joe the perspective that instead of being a competitive event,
the triathlon has become a finishing event. It’s your own race at your own pace. And even though they
have their different perspectives on the race, they do share a similar motivation of being better than
themselves. They both agree that they like to ask themselves, “What am I capable of?” and “How far can
I go?” They believe that everyone has their own journey. “I don’t have to be the best… I want to be my
best self.”
We get the opportunity to listen while Rod, Joe and Dr. Drew continue the discussion of being your best
self and competing against yourself. They further dive into getting all the right puzzle pieces to fit into
the puzzle. Part of those pieces are the training that has to get done prior to the main event… the Iron
Man. If you only look at the bigger picture, it can become so daunting, they describe, so in order for
that overwhelming feeling to go away, you must break things down. Do this week’s training before you
do next week’s training is how they describe it.
Are we elevating ourselves? This is the question Joe likes to ask. Dr. Drew responds by saying, “We can
all go at a different pace and that’s what makes life beautiful.” A big part of what all these guys do is
helping others to elevate themselves by bettering themselves too. It’s all about attitude. Joe closes with
these words of wisdom, “Your Attitude at the end of the race is how the race is defined.”

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