#28 Iron Dream Team (Part 4): Mike the Trainer and Magic Within the Person

“The real magic happens within the person.” This is how Mike describes the joy he feels in what he does as a personal
trainer. When his clients realize their potential and personal growth, that’s when the real magic happens.
Mike Taylor has great experience as a trainer. He has been doing this for more than 15 years and has a wealth of
knowledge. It’s not just a certificate that he received online, but rather an education based on exercise physiology,
nutrition, anatomy and all around holistic health. Total health is what he looks at in each person he trains.
Taking someone, like Rod Hutchins, with so many deficits and helping him on his incredible journey is joy beyond
measure for Mike. When asked why he gives so much time to Rod, Mike gives an analogy of a sculptor. “Why does a
sculptor sculpt?” All of the blood, sweat and tears the sculptor puts into his finished piece is the same for a trainer.
Putting all the time into Rod is not hard, yes it’s a challenge with his lofty goals, however Mike explains that because of
the self-motivation Rod has, it makes it all worth the time and effort!
Dr. Drew asks Mike what the most difficult part of training Rod is. Mike responds by saying that he wishes to be with
him all day, every day. Even though they communicate well with Rod reporting every day to Mike, he wishes to be with
Rod to give him constant support.
Breaking point: Break old habits, make new ones. The discussion of the breaking point takes place. They discuss that
you have to keep moving and you will get there! Mike exclaims, “The only time you fail is when you quit!” Rod is asked
what his breaking point is. “I have two deteriorated discs in my back so anytime I do work using my spine more, like core
work, it becomes very intense.” Mike reassures Rod that the breaking point is when you find out what you’re made of! It
is intense but to use those breaking points as stepping stones to propel you forward!
Continuing with the discussion on the breaking point, Mike and Rod discuss how it’s not about finishing, it’s about the
journey. We need to be comfortable with the breaking point, no matter the pain and to remind ourselves that “my
difficult is different than your difficult.” The only person we should be competitive with is ourselves. But don’t beat
yourself up in the process! Develop self-awareness and self-love to accomplish your goals.
The idea of self-care and self-love is knowing that it’s your race at your pace. Quitting, stopping and just laying down is
not an option. Mike works hard with Rod in his training so that Rod is fully prepared to finish the Ironman next April in
Hawaii. Rod likes to use the acronym: ABE. Above and Beyond and Extraordinary. This is how he trains each day and
reports to Mike to ensure he will step over that finish line next spring.
Upon finishing, Mike leaves us with a few extra thoughts. He says, “Accept where you’re at, develop a plan and stick to
it. Have a plan to control your triggers. And have a support system. Pick people that will help elevate you and keep you
Rod’s closing remarks… “I rarely look backward, but I will to look at my growth process. Never forget where you came
from! I look at where I’ve been, I look to where I’m headed and I live in where I’m at today.”
Honor the Process and look back every now and again, it’s beautiful!

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