#29 – The Actual Science of Gratitude

#29 – The Actual Science of Gratitude
As Dr. Drew sits in the heart of his home, at his kitchen table, he goes beyond the thoughts of just being
grateful and appreciative, and deeper into the science behind gratitude.
There is more to it than just saying “thank you” and the feelings of being grateful. With the research of
the Heart Math Institute, to back him up, Dr. Drew explains that true feelings of gratitude and
appreciation can actually help your heart rate and brain become balanced. This forms a coherence.
Amongst all the feelings we have, gratitude is the most powerful. We experience better clarity and
physiological and psychological benefits for our entire body! The impact and effect gratitude have on
our bodies is absolute. For starters, biochemical changes take place, allowing our hormones to better be
balanced and the anti-aging hormone, DHEA, increases.
More benefits include increased positivity, a boost in both our immune system and metabolism. More
motivation to create healthy eating and exercise habits increases when we express gratitude. These and
other benefits lead to better physical, mental and overall health.
Daily gratitude practices can aid in overcoming and preventing significant health issues. Dr. Drew
suggests taking this beyond just a one-day, once a year, holiday to say thanks for our many blessings,
but rather try to implement daily gratitude practices. One way he suggests this, is to commit yourself to
a gratitude journal. Every day, list just one thing/person/place that you are thankful for and note a few
sentences of why you are grateful for it. We are fortunate to hear Dr. Drew give a real example out of
his own journal of what this sounds like!
Upon finishing, Dr. Drew reminds us how important it is to not isolate ourselves around this
Thanksgiving Holiday, as well as other holidays. This can be a very fun and joyous day for many, however
for several others, this can be a very difficult time. Be around people that lift you up. Find some time to
truly reflect on all you appreciate and are grateful, reminding yourself of all the great benefits gratitude
gives you…. Something else to be thankful for!

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