Landry Harper: Financial Guidance and the Connection to the Iron Dream

Being an Idaho native, Landry Harper (see info here: loves the great outdoors and backcountry of Idaho. Landry says he is
defined by his hobbies. Little did he know that one day because of his outdoor hobbies that he would be part
of a greater challenge and goal.
In 2013, Landry and his wife were in a horrific car accident leaving him in great pain constantly. At the time of
the accident, Landry considered himself to be in peak condition physically, so due to this, he was set back
physically and mentally. After his wounds began to heal, he realized he was as at his worst physique ever. He
decided it was time to get back in shape. Amongst many of his adventurous hobbies, he loves snowboarding.
So he decided to get back into what he loves. While out snowboarding, soon thereafter, he took a hard fall.
The next thing he knew it was the next morning, he was in the hospital and he couldn’t feel his left leg. He was
partially paralyzed.
Even though his doctors said he probably wouldn’t ever walk again, he was determined that he would. It was
the toughest mental game he had ever played. He beat the odds and was walking 5 miles a day, every day for
a year. Even after doing all the rehabilitation required and determined to get back into great physical shape,
he found himself becoming physically stagnant. And after another bad fall of snowboarding, he was in severe
pain. He was told surgery was required this time to help correct the bone on bone issue in his bottom two
vertebrae. He hit rock bottom mentally.
At this point, Rod Hutchins came into his life. Landry had seen Rod at different bank institutions that he
worked at as the institution’s manager. Landry always noticed Rod’s horrible limp, however, as time went on,
he noticed the limp getting better and better until eventually it was gone altogether. Even though they would
talk occasionally, Landry decided to ask Rod about his limp. Rod shared his incredible story. Landry
unknowingly at the time watched Rod go from zero to hero, until he shared his story.
After some time of talking, their connection of paralysis drew them together. They decided together that
through faith and being in the right place at the right time, with the right people, they were brought together
for a higher purpose, a bigger goal.
They needed each other. Rod looking for someone to help the Iron Dream Team with all it’s financial needs
and Landry for someone to look to for inspiration. After going through all the criteria Rod wanted Landry to
meet or exceed, Rod understood the many dynamics Landry would bring to the team. Not just the huge
undertaking of financial guidance for an endeavor such as this and the peace of mind that comes from that
guidance, but that Landry can draw from his own experiences to help guide the team in many different
positive ways.
Financial health is a major part of their discussion. Financial health has everything to do with overall health, it
is one of the key components! Finances and stress typically go hand in hand, unfortunately. You can’t perform
at your peak if you are constantly drawn down due to your financial concerns and complications. So having an
individual that is educated in finance, desires to help others and have a positive impact on them through his
knowledge, and his own story to tell, Landry is another key member of the Iron Dream Team.
You are the driver of your own destiny. When you are facing your own roadblocks, when you’re about to give
up, plant your feet on solid ground and look to what inspires you! Define your greatness and what it means to
you. In this, you too will start giving back and as you give back, you will receive.

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