#38: 9 Step Formula to Flourish in Your Leadership Career and Personally Transform  (Part 3)

Dr Drew is client zero. He lost over 160lbs and sustained his transformation. However, Dr Drew hasn’t just relied on his experience to help others as he become an international expert  in the field of weight loss. He has studied the art and science of motivation, nutrition, and the blueprint for what actually works in sustainable health transformation.  In this episode he shares his inspiring story where he started and how he found his “why.” He talks about how starting with a bunch of ranch dressing he started his journey.

Two of the biggest roadblocks for you to get started working towards your health goals is not having a clear reason why you want to change and not knowing what to start. Many people state they want to lose weight and that is their why. Dr Drew explains that this is not an effective goal and you shouldn’t work towards what you don’t want and start working towards what you do want.

We cover the following:

  • You have to start somewhere.
  • It is not diets and programs but about what you want to become.
  • Stop looking outward for your answers and look inward
  • Be 100% satisfied with an 80% lifestyle.
  • Behavior precedes motivation. Take one step, a very small step and you experience motivation.
  • Focus on sustainability. Start thinking past fast weight loss and think about long term sustainability.
  • We want you look beyond just what you are doing and focus on who you are. This is totally different than what the diet industry teaches, but it’s what they are missing.
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