#39: 9 Step Formula to Flourish in Your Leadership Career and Personally Transform  (Part 4)

This fourth part of Dr. Drew’s Leadership series discusses these 3 other steps to his 9 step formula to flourish in your leadership career and personally transform.

:30 – Condition. The better conditioned we are, they better we will perform.  Thinking of athletes, this is easy to imagine. When it comes to Leaders, we can think the same thing. There are 3 parts to conditioning that are examined more closely. Mental conditioning, Physio Conditioning, and Physical Conditioning. These three parts will increase productivity, trust with and amongst team members, creativity and innovative abilities.

1:15 – Mental Conditioning. By conditioning ourselves mentally, we will stay more focused, have more energy and make quicker, wiser decisions. The people you work with will also trust in those decisions. This can be done easily with this simple 5 minute exercise each day. It’s kind of like an extended downshift. Breathing for 5 minutes… notice your breath and with each passing thought, bring attention back to the air coming in and out. Be present in these moments. You can also do other mindfulness activities, but this one exercise alone will increase clarity, energy, and decision-making abilities.

2:35 – Physio Conditioning. This is the practice of intentionally getting your heart rate down. Our heart rate needs to be more coherent which leads to our nervous system becoming more balanced. How is this done? Down shifting and upshifting practices, listening to music, taking breaks, walking, breathing and mindfulness exercises. Focusing on getting the heart rate down will condition the entire nervous system.

3:38 – Physical Conditioning. It’s all about movement. You do not have to be an avid exerciser, however movement throughout the day, every day is imperative. This will increase stamina and energy, along with productivity and focus. You will burn out if you are too busy and do not get movement and exercise in each day. Others will burn out of your life too if you’re not taking care of yourself.

4:13 – Create. Be creative inside and outside of work. All the steps we have already discussed in this formula will help in creativity. Work on being more innovative as well. Add to that Be creative outside of work through activities and hobbies that you like to do. Even by just choosing one hobby. Having these outside activities optimizes and leverages the entire brain and the ability to be creative. The DMN (Default Mode Network) are the regions of the brain that cut out external stimuli, which allows the brain to be activated and do processing through the activities and hobbies you like to do. This is crucial to being a better leader and improving yourself personally.

5:30- Influence-able. Learn, learn, and learn some more. Don’t stop learning, however do not take on so much at once that you become overwhelmed. Every good leader reads. Take the time to learn from others. Get a coach if you need. Be influenced by others then influence others think: elevate! Always think about being a coach. Every leader needs to think about being the very best coach you can be. Ask questions before interjecting. This will enable you to empower others. You will be able to scale and build loyal team members as you are influenced and influence those around you.

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