#43 Stop Insomnia! Operation Sleep: (Part 4) Double Energy With Restorative Sleep

Double your energy throughout the day to increase restorative sleep at night!
In this fourth part of the Operation Sleep series we learn from Dr. Drew that what you do in the day
impacts your sleep and how your sleep impacts your energy throughout the day. Getting good
restorative sleep can double your energy throughout the day. Having more energy in the day allows the
sleep drive to kick in for better sleep at night. Edenosine is released during the day which creates that
sleep drive. We have to use energy in the day to rest and restore properly through the night.

1:55 – To create more energy, we must have a good morning routine. This includes movement/exercise
(at least 10 minutes but does not have to be extensive or intensive), hydration (lemon water preferably),
and nutrition. Also including mindfulness work and spiritual development helps build a good morning
routine. We need to wake in the same 30 minute window each day. Neurochemicals and hormones kick
in about 30 minutes before we wake up, so our brains need to know when to release these so we know
when to start waking up. Morning routines are individualized and we need to be consistent at it.

3:57 – Daily Rhythm Optimization – Let your brain and body know it’s energy time! Use the early
morning to get going so the you are better able to fall asleep at night.

5:15 – Movement/exercise – throughout the day is best! Move every 90 minutes to 2 hours. Enjoy what
you do for your movement. Movement helps get restorative sleep at night by having our bodies use
energy throughout the day through movement.

6:20 – Shifting – Downshift and Upshift. When you are done with a meeting or activity, downshift by
taking a few minutes for movement or breathing exercises before upshifting into the next call, meeting
or activity. Essentially cooling off the engine before revving it back up for the next task.

7:10 – Be intentional. Own your day. Go at your day instead of your day going at you.

7:25 – Nutrition Flow – Do not skip meals. Skipping meals messes with our circadian rhythm. Rigid
fasting must be highly focused and short term. Nutrition flow allows us to optimize our energy
throughout the day.

8:35 – Conditioning! All of these recommendations are forms of conditioning our brains and bodies to
double energy throughout the day to get good, restorative sleep at night!

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