There is a dangerous dichotomy out there. On the one hand, some people totally avoid their own mind while others are overly obsessed with their own thinking, processing, and self.

Neither of these extremes is healthy. Instead, you want to work towards being aware of your mind but not stuck in over analyzing.

I always was intrigued in graduate school at how over analyzed situations would become. Many times the question came to my mind, “why the hell are we digging deeper and deeper when we should be pushing forward by now?” This is the major problem that happens when people obsess about analyzing their thoughts and processing things again and again… you aren’t making progress forward.

The tricky part: We know it’s rarely helpful digging and digging, but what happens if we avoid our minds? What I mean by this is what happens when we are not intentionally being aware of our thought processes, perspectives, and biases.

Powerful people develop powerful minds- period. This means you raise your awareness and learn to manage your own mind without it managing you. Notice I didn’t say “control” your mind. There is a distinct difference. Managing your mind means being able to take a look at your thoughts, perspectives, and biases and not allowing them to dictate your behavior. Controlling your mind, well good luck with that- it’s not healthy to attempt to control it.

How do you start managing your mind? Do an easy, yet powerful mind optimizer.

Mind Optimization in 3 Steps: NOW!


1. Notice! Spend 5 minutes per day simply noticing your thoughts. That sounds kind of weird huh? This could actually be one of the most impactful exercises you’ll do- like ever.

How do you do this? You find a quiet spot, or you can take a quiet walk. Just notice every single thought that comes in your mind and don’t follow them, don’t judge them, just notice. This is NOT easy at first, it does take work.

Here’s what starts to happen. You learn to become an observer of your mind, and less tied to every thought coming through. You will be able to step away from your thoughts more easily.


2. Oust! You want to eliminate crap. How else can I say this? If it’s not elevating you, then why are you choosing to surround yourself with it? We all know that many are wasting tons and tons of time on TV, gossip, and deflating conversations. Take inventory of anything that is bring you down and oust it. But wait, your mind might say “ well I have to…”, and I argue against this. Even if its work- it’s your life and you have the ability to change what you need. The only thing stopping you is a cluttered mind.


3. Wonder! The noun “wonder” means: a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Also, the verb “wonder” is defined as: desire or be curious to know something.

Are you creating opportunities in your life to admire and be surprised by something unexpectedly beautiful? Are you learning and curiously desiring to know something? So often, we are making it through life and our brains just go into autopilot or survival mode. What would it feel like to create a state of wonder in your life? When you do this you are putting your mind in a spot that will enjoy the present moment.

Dr. Drew Brazier

Dr. Drew is the co-founder of Healthy Perspectives. He is also creator and host of #1 ranked podcast in Health on iTunes, ”Healthy Made Easy Show”. Dr. Drew went through his own transformation of losing 160lbs over a decade ago and has since helped thousands of people around the world sustain significant health transformation through his proprietary process of Mental Physio Conditioning.

Dr. Drew is currently working with many people through his online courses that focus on going beyond weight loss. He also working with leaders in corporations to create healthy, loyal, and innovative teams through his leadership model, “ICE: Initiate, Create, Elevate”.


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