Agnieszka Burban (MSc Psychology, PgDip Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy)

I am passionate about working with people towards a complete transformation. This means we challenge limiting beliefs and change behaviours that hamper progress and the full potential.

The outcomes? Breaking through a depressive cycle, coming out of the freezing effects of the anxiety bubble then reaching the goals you have really wanted to reach. Finding a job, becoming passionate about a new hobby, connecting with friends...

In my coaching, I use a unique blend of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy tools and other techniques I learnt over the years to transform my and my clients' lives as well as short, engaging videos I create which allow people to learn, have fun and connect with others.

I currently live in Sweden and enjoy its beautiful and magical trees and lakes, kind people and the best coffee and cinnamon buns in the world! I love cycling, hiking, connecting with people and animals, Scandinavian crime dramas and making videos!

To get to know me simply go to my facebook page with videos or visit my website at


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