Dr. Drew Brazier

Dr. Drew is the co-founder of Healthy Perspectives. He is also creator and host of #1 ranked podcast in Health on iTunes, ”Healthy Made Easy Show”. Dr. Drew went through his own transformation of losing 160lbs over a decade ago and has since helped thousands of people around the world sustain significant health transformation through his proprietary process of Mental Physio Conditioning.

Dr. Drew is currently working with many people through his online courses that focus on going beyond weight loss. He also working with leaders in corporations to create healthy, loyal, and innovative teams through his leadership model, “ICE: Initiate, Create, Elevate”.

The Naughty Nutritionists

Jenni and Mirna are the founders of The Naughty Nutritionists where they're all about real nutrition strategies for everyday women who want to accomplish their health goals without dieting and with delicious food on their plate. They’re no BS, science-backed, yet fun and cheeky attitude teaches people that they can have a great relationship with the food on their plate as well as their beautiful rockin’ bod.

Take their free Healthy Eating Quiz here that examines your current diet and gives you realistic strategies to help turn that ‘diet’ into a lifestyle that works for you.

You can also see what they're up to on FacebookInstagramYouTube and Pinterest.

Sam Neffendorf

Sam Neffendorf breaks people out of the life-long trances, behaviour patterns and beliefs that are keeping them sick, skint and stuck. As a META-Health Coach, EFT Trainer and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, he inspires people to stand up for themselves, reach new levels of health and realise their potential to have an amazing life. Tapping and Energy Psychology techniques enabled him to escape from corporate life into doing something he loves and, most importantly to become a dad naturally (twice), after being told that this would be very difficult by his GP.

He now spends most of the year living in a beautiful part of Spain with his family and hosts exciting retreats, as well as working online with people worldwide, both individually and in groups. Sam believes that now is an amazing time to move beyond your physical, mental and emotional blocks so that you can create the life you want, make a difference in the world and play your part in building an amazing future. Check out Sam's website here and his blog on Steemit here.

Create the life you desire using Tapping and visualisation techniques in Sam's free 3-part video series here.


Cherie Lindberg

Cherie Lindberg, is the owner of Get Connected Counseling & Consulting, LLC, has been in the counselling field for more than 20 years. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Nationally Certified Counselor, Brainspotting Trainer & Consultant.  She is also certified in Imago Relationship Therapy and trained in EMDR.  Her specialities include performance enhancement, life transitions, personal growth, anxiety disorders, marital therapy, stress management, PTSD, and ego state therapy.

In reflecting on my life thus far, I now realize it is my life purpose to support people on this earth in waking up (being conscious and present). I have been doing this from very early age.   It is very exciting and inspiring to see people heal and become fully alive again. It is a wonderful gift to participate in this deep type of healing. Visit her website at www.getconnected.works.

Krystin Wahl

Krystin Wahl is a passionate vocal influencer who works with business owners, presenters, speakers, singers, men, and women across the globe. She loves to help individuals find and build one of the greatest assets they possess; their voice. Krystin is the owner of a company called Infuse Heart and shares that you cannot spell HEART without ART. The primary vehicle for sharing that art is the voice. One of Krystin's favorite ways to express art is through writing music and singing it.

Krystin is also a homeschooling mother to 4 beautiful children and wife to her supportive husband. She enjoys living a healthy balanced life which has led her to become a certified keto reboot coach and is in the process of becoming a certified mental physio conditioning coach.

Krystin loves learning new things and strives to build and create wherever she goes.  Be a voice you love to hear. Visit her website at http://infuseheart.com

Barb Jochum

I am passionate about therapeutic wellness, holistic healing, and embracing our authentic selves. My occupational history for the past 20+ years has been in mental health as a licensed therapist, as well as 5 years in a management position. I completed my PhD at The Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago, IL. In my professional journey, I have seen multitudes of clients, as well as employees, that are stuck in their lives or circumstances which highly correlate with potential mental health concerns. This correlation has prompted a movement in myself to help people from a different angle; one of wellness. The combination of my personal and professional experiences has sparked a passion that continues to grow stronger each day. This passion led me to develop Functional Integrated Transformation (FIT) Coaching.

Dr. Roby Abeles

Dr. Roby Abeles, is an accomplished integrative, somatic, neuro-psychotherapist, with over 32 years of experience in diverse clinical, academic, government, and human services environments in Australia and the USA. She is a recovering addict/alcoholic and received her early training at the Betty Ford Center in California (1989). She soon learned that addiction is always predated by overwhelming life experiences which were not able to be processed and integrated. This led to her life-long study of trauma and addiction which continues today.

As a result, she has:

  • Co-developed the MATES Brain Regulation & Resource Program. ‘MATES’ is a simple and easy program to help people learn easy self-regulation techniques.
  • Been trained in the revolutionary 21st Century brain-based Brainspotting (BSP) therapy in 2004 and is an international trainer.
  • Developed a way to stop addiction cravings using BSP.
  • Become a Somatic Experiencing(SE) Practitioner (SEP) to incorporate the physical level healing into her work.
  • Studied the gut/brain connection for optimal mental health.
  • Incorporated mind, body and spirit into all her therapeutic work by combining BSP, SE, Narrative therapy, and ego state therapy.

Visit her website at abelesconsulting.com.au.

Barbara Woods, Ph.D., CCC Biography

I am a psychotherapist specializing in supporting children, teens, adults and families. My private practice, Willow’s Bend Counselling Centre, Inc. is in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. I have been blessed to work with so many various groups of people including children, adolescents, adults, teachers, and Indigenous communities. I have also provided training to support therapists, teachers, and parents in understanding children of trauma. I love to crack the code on their behaviour and support the adults in these children's lives too.

I am recognized as an Expert Witness related to trauma in the local Family Court and I am certified in the following: Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner; Certified Trainer for the National Institute for Trauma & Loss in Children; Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapist (EDIT) Level II; and MB-EAT Mindful Eating Instructor.

For more information please visit www.willowsbend.ca and https://barbarawoodsphd.com.

Meredith Hammond

Meredith Hammond is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist in the Denver Metro Area. She specializes in the treatment of ADHD, trauma recovery, and family preservation therapy. As a play therapist, Meredith is an advocate for implementing play and creativity into daily routines and responsibilities to enhance motivation, productivity, and fulfilment. She is passionate about helping others (of all ages) explore and create new possibilities for connection, meaning, and FUN!

In her personal life, Meredith’s enjoys spending time with her husband, refereeing spontaneous wrestling matches between her three sons, building amazing Lego structures, and exploring the beautiful state of Colorado. Visit her website at www.meredithhammondlpc.com.

Heidi Spaulding

Encouraging, coaching and motivating others, as well as discussing and learning about anything related to fitness and overall health are some of Heidi's passions.  So are running (literally) all over tarnation, creating workout plans, and being in the great outdoors, especially skiing, running and hiking in the mountains. Motivating and teaching teens to be their best selves, as well as guiding people in their fitness and nutritional goals are all part of what Heidi does. Serving, uplifting and helping people find balance and happiness in their lives brings her great joy.

While balancing work, training for the next race, the busy lives of her 4 kids, studying and testing the latest in health and nutrition, Heidi is walking - actually running at times- hand in hand through life with her husband, Josh. Creating a home with Josh, that is filled with love, laughter, learning and adventure is her most favorite endeavor!

Austin Smith

My name is Austin Smith, I am a husband, father the president and founder of Today I Will Achieve ™.

A few years ago I faced some mental health obstacles that completely crippled me. At the time I was a newly married, 3.5 GPA college student on my way to the top. In a flash my life was upside down. What I later learned was PTSD, anxiety and depression had put my mind out of control, temporarily. I spent years striving to reclaim my mind. At first I couldn’t understand it, how could this happen to me? I never understood fully the weight and power of depression. No not just being sad, but being crippled to the point that I couldn’t make it through the day without having an anxiety attack. My PTSD was to the point that any, and I mean ANY little noise, tone of voice, or other triggers would leave me shaking, emotional and a complete wreck for days.

My whole life I looked forward to having a family. We did not have any children at the time so I set my eyes on getting my life, and my mind back. Going through the whirlwind of doctors, emergency room visits, and seeing different therapists I found my life was getting back to the balance I had once enjoyed.

Fast forward to now, I have a beautiful little girl, an amazing and supportive wife (who was there by my side through it all). I built of the courage to not only share my story, but to start a whole organization dedicated to helping others achieve mental wellness, recovery, and a safe place to share their stories. My passion is helping others, uplifting them to new heights and showing them that anything is possible!

Agnieszka Burban (MSc Psychology, PgDip Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy)

I am passionate about working with people towards a complete transformation. This means we challenge limiting beliefs and change behaviours that hamper progress and the full potential.

The outcomes? Breaking through a depressive cycle, coming out of the freezing effects of the anxiety bubble then reaching the goals you have really wanted to reach. Finding a job, becoming passionate about a new hobby, connecting with friends...

In my coaching, I use a unique blend of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy tools and other techniques I learnt over the years to transform my and my clients' lives as well as short, engaging videos I create which allow people to learn, have fun and connect with others.

I currently live in Sweden and enjoy its beautiful and magical trees and lakes, kind people and the best coffee and cinnamon buns in the world! I love cycling, hiking, connecting with people and animals, Scandinavian crime dramas and making videos!

To get to know me simply go to my facebook page with videos or visit my website at http://www.agnieszkaburban.com.

Obioma Martin

Obioma Martin is the founder of Obioma Martin LLC which provides mentoring, and coaching to small business owners globally to allow both women and men to sustain employment. OMART Women Supporting Women is a 501c3 not for profit organization that she has founded to support women who want to live their dreams of starting a business or returning to school and to help put an end to domestic violence by providing frequent laser coaching and networking events to educate and empower women to be their best.

She received an associate degree in early childhood education from the Community College of Philadelphia, a bachelor’s degree in childcare management from Chestnut Hill College, master’s degree in early childhood education and leadership from Arcadia University, Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business program Alumni. Her coaching programs provide clarity, and step by step laser focus on problems that are blocking small business owners from manifesting the life and business of their dreams.

Talking Topics: Health, Wellness, Business, Leadership, Parenting, Relationships, Spirituality

Mike Taylor MHE, CHES, A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer

Mike is a native of Southeast Idaho, born and raised in the Idaho Falls area. He graduated from Ricks College with an Associate degree in International Studies, Idaho State University’s Kasiska College of Health Professions with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education and Sports Science and became a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and A.C.E. Certified personal trainer.

Mike continued his education and earned a Master’s degree in Health Education. Over the last 15 years, Mike has worked in the university setting, public health, and fitness industry. As the Director of a fitness studio, Mike works with a variety of clients in group settings and individually coaching them to reach their health goals.

Mike leads by example and walks the walk. He has trained for and competed in many marathons, triathlons, and ultra marathons himself. He knows what it takes to succeed and he will help you achieve your full potential!

Jen Delaney

An international speaker with psychotherapy practices in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, Jennifer Delaney, MA, NCC, treats adults, including other psychotherapists, who struggle with anxiety and childhood trauma. Passionate about mindful awareness and self-regulation, she offers an educational, experiential talk to schools, small businesses and nonprofits, teaching skills to regulate the nervous system. A published author, she edits blogs and manuscripts written by psychotherapists so that they can clearly convey their unique healing message. Check out her weekly blog (jenniferdelaney.com) where she addresses a range of mental wellness issues.

Macrocosm reflects microcosm. If we heal ourselves and our families, functioning with a better understanding of emotions and how to communicate effectively, the world will heal. Love conquers all. Most people are afraid of love and the inherent risks. As you heal your ancestral trauma and update the experience of your inner child, you are more likely to be open to leading from and with love. A Reiki Master, Jen was jettisoned by a powerful spiritual experience to become a Reiki Master and Certified Brainspotting trauma counselor.

Dr. Elia Gourgouris Ph.D.

Dr. Elia Gourgouris is the president of The Happiness Center – an organization dedicated to creating personal success and happiness. Over the last 25-plus years, he has helped thousands of people achieve happiness and fulfilment, both in their careers and in their relationships.  He is the author of the #1 Best Selling Self-help book 7 Paths to Lasting Happiness. As a nationally known speaker and authority on Happiness & relationships, he brings his passion coupled with a sense of humor to his audiences. As an Executive Coach and Leadership expert, he assists companies to create inspired, motivated and accountable cultures through their employee engagement. He is a firm believer in work/life balance, as happy employees are productive employees.

He graduated from UCLA with a degree in psychology and went on to received his PhD from the California Graduate Institute. Married to his best friend his very proud of his two grown children.

Andrew Chan

  • A renowned professor, Immaculate Researcher, Professional Osteopathic Manual Practitioner & Registered Holistic Nutritionist.
  • Andrew has more than 5 years of impeccable International experience that includes, clinical practice, wellness, and generous lifestyle coach.
  • Andrew has treated over 2000 patients and reported many rare cases in Obstetrics (pregnancy stages, fertility) and Chronic pain conditions during his professional life.

In Andrew perspectives of remedial treatment, there is no "one size fits all" types of treatment. Obtaining a suit from a typical retail location contrasted with a custom "tailor" suit is a totally extraordinary fitment and experience. We are altogether made interestingly with the different way of life and particular instrument of damage. Hence, treatment designs ought to appear as something else and remarkably custom fitted to your requirements.

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