Hey there! You've probably had a speaker move you and make you want to change, or see things differently. There are many amazing speakers out there, however, showing up speaking and leaving does not make the long-lasting & specific change.

After speaking around the world and to thousands of people, I wanted to make greater change in my speaking. I noticed that people would leave raving testimonials and even approach me a year later saying they were moved by the speech. That's great to hear. Then I'd ask, “what specifically has changed for you?” It would kill me to not get a clear answer. They were moved BUT just showing up, speaking and leaving wasn't really impacting them the way I wanted.

So… I developed the New Speaking-Consulting focused on getting the message specific to each audience and then following up with adapted recommendations. This is not done anywhere else…

Information presented in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Well prepared and knowledgeable. As a person and speaker, Drew is understanding, motivational, and caring. Uplifting and encouraging to all he speaks with.

Michelle Marone

Quality Assurance Agent, Nuance Communications inc.

Dr. Brazier maintains a unique ability to connect with any audience. Speaking from his heart, his presentations are motivational, affirming, and entertaining. Drew is a gifted orator who will inspire your group.

Richard Boorom, PhD

President, Argosy University

The workshop was phenomenal! I learned many new concepts to improve my life. I got lots of great ideas and made paradigm shifts. Many key principles of a healthier lifestyle were taught. I know know where I need to start, what I need to focus on, and I am very motivated!

Melinda Bridenstine


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